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Washington's Law Against Discrimination (WLAD), which was enacted on June 8, 2006, protects same-sex couples from discrimination in real estate rentals. Violations of this law can be subject to a lawsuit seeking payment for damages and reported to the Washington State Human Rights Commission. If you're renting to a same-sex couple, the basic rule is to treat them in the same way as any opposite-sex couple.

For example, if an unmarried couple applies for your rental, it's within your rights to verify the income levels of both individuals to ensure that they have enough to afford the rent. This can apply to opposite-sex or same-sex couples. You can treat all such couples as roommates and require that both be employed. You may deny renting to unmarried

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Is now the time to buy that dream home you've been considering? Washington state area information indicates mortgages are still available at good rates. With the increasingly high cost of rental units, it makes more sense than ever to explore owning your own home. Pacific Northwest Realty can be instrumental in making your dreams come true.

There's been a lot of talk lately in the Seattle Times about the number of area rental units increasing rapidly. But as the demand remains greater than the supply of rental units, the monthly rental rates are also rising. The affordable pool of rental units continues to fall as developers look for high end properties to rent that will increase their bottom line. This is not a great time to find an affordable rental

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Northwest MLS NWMLSKirkland, WA - September 5, 2013. Northwest Multiple Listing Service figures for August show brisk sales, escalating prices and some improvement in inventory, prompting one MLS director to declare, “What these numbers tell us loud and clear is that buyer demand in the Puget Sound region is still incredibly strong.”

In making that comment, OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Real Estate, noted the housing market tends to experience some slowing during August, but rising inventory levels and sustained buyer demand fueled “higher than expected home sales and another month of strong appreciation.”

The latest figures from Northwest MLS show pending sales (mutually accepted offers) during August increased 8.7 percent from a year ago. Brokers in the 21

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To check out a prospective tenant for one of your rentals, you start by having him or her fill out an application. Don't try making one of these forms from scratch because you might miss something. For example, the form has to clearly allow you to check a credit report, background, and criminal history. Download a freebie application from an Internet search and change it to suit your needs. If you use our rental department to manage your properties we have specific forms we use for each applicant.

After the applicant fills the form and returns it to you, make sure every part is filled out completly be an attempt to hide something. Then look for the following.

  • Employers. What's the current job and how long has he or she been there? How many
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If you're looking for the ideal time to buy property in the Vancouver-Longview area of Washington, now may never be better. Housing values are on their way up and interest rates, while also rising, are still affordable. If you're curious about what your monthly payments might be, those depend on the type of mortgage you get and at what interest rate. Bankrate offers the following examples of a $200,000 loan with 20 percent down, no points and an excellent credit rating of 740 and above. Your actual payments will vary.

Fixed Rate

The major advantage of a fixed-rate mortgage is that your monthly payment remains the same, making it easier to budget over the entire term of the loan. Qualification is a bit more stringent because the interest rates can be

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If you're planning on buying or selling real estate in Vancouver or anyplace else in Southwest Washington, it's useful to know what the average homes are going for. You can then see if the property you're interested in is a bargain or overpriced. Zillow reports on these prices, which are current as of the date of this post.

  • Home values are up to $192,600, which equals 17.9 percent, in the twelve months ending July 2013. This represents the median values of all properties that are both on the market and not for sale.
  • The median list price is $213,000, up 15.1 percent. The median sales price is up 16.7 percent to $204,000.
  • The area with the highest-valued properties is Old Evergreen Highway at $441,600, which is up 9.9 percent. The one with the
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If you own rental property, your ideal tenant follows the rules you've set out for your property and pays what's due on time. You try to screen for good renters by having applicants fill out forms but those leave several questions unanswered. And the privacy laws of Washington State prevent you from delving too deeply into their personal lives. Fortunately, you still have some avenues to explore in investigating prospective renters.

  • Credit check. Arguably the most important report you can obtain on tenants, a credit check reveals their employment, financial history, and how they deal with money management. Do they have any bankruptcies or foreclosures? Do they pay their bills on time and carry no balances on their charge cards? Or have they applied
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When you are interested in finding a new house to buy or rent, you will always realize that in some cases, you may end up having a hard time doing it. If you go online, you will find that there are many people who ended up being extremely frustrated doing this kind of thing. For instance, some of them had to settle for houses that they really didn’t like mainly because the simply got tired of looking around for the perfect house. However, when you have in mind the characteristics of the perfect house you are after, this should not have to be the case. There are a number of things that can be done to ensure that you go through the process without much of a hassle.

One of these is working with a REALTOR®. There are a number of reasons why using this

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