After Buying Your House, Do This Before You Move In

Posted by Matthew Lahti on Friday, November 22nd, 2013 at 5:23pm

Your long quest to buying a home has finally rewarded you with a golden key to enter an abode. You naturally want to rush through the front door and settle in. But to make the transfer to your new diggs as painless as possible, why check out your house thoroughly first with a pre-move inspection?

Bring your tablet with picture-taking and note-taking apps, or if you’re more low-tech, a pen, paper, and camera. Walk around ourside the property and inside the house, looking for any problems. We’re not talking major issues that your on-the-ball home inspector should’ve caught. Instead, you’re hunting for small repairs that you may have missed because you were dazzled by the previous owner’s model-home staging or collection of Chewbacca figurines.

Try all the doors and windows, turn on all the light switches, and run the faucets and appliances. Is everything working correctly, or do mysterious gurgles or unexplained spurts interrupt from time to time? Poltergeists notwithstanding, your home’s facilities may need minor repair. Are there any cracks in the walls or pavement, peeling paint, missing lightbulbs, or carpet stains? Make note of these issues and take a picture or two to remind you.

Repair any items that are within your skills. See if you can cajole a family member, neighbor or friend to do any other corrections for free or low-cost. Otherwise, call an electrician, plumber, or handyperson to help you out with the major fixes. They’ll find it easier and faster to do their jobs without having to dance around furniture or answer questions from your curious kids.

Be sure and check out all the repairs one last time. If everything looks good, you’ll be happy to move into a house that’s fixed like new.

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