Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival: Celebrating Independence Day With Fireworks And Fun


Get ready to celebrate America's Independence Day in spectacular style at the Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival! This annual extravaganza, held in Longview, WA from July 2nd to July 4th, offers an exciting array of fun-filled activities for families and friends alike.

Held at the picturesque Lake Sacajawea, this much-anticipated event features dazzling fireworks, thrilling carnival rides, mouth-watering food booths, and a myriad of entertainment options that are sure to make your Fourth of July unforgettable.

With the return of the beloved Timber Show and an opportunity to support local vendors, there's no better way to spend your holiday weekend than embracing all that this incredible festival has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival is one of the oldest and largest Fourth of July celebrations in Washington State, offering a diverse lineup of events for families and friends to enjoy.
  • Highlights include dazzling fireworks, colorful parades with floats and marching bands, live music performances, thrilling carnival rides and games, mouth-watering food booths from local vendors and artisans.
  • Visitors can also browse through numerous artisan stands showcasing unique creations such as handmade jewelry or paintings. Local competitions like American Lumbermen's Association Timbersport Competition or Cardboard Boat Regatta add extra excitement for attendees.
  • Other similar festivals across Washington State offer affordable or free admission fees to celebrate America's independence with fun-filled activities – making it possible for everyone to join in on the festivities.

The History And Overview Of Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival

The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival was founded in the 1960s, making it one of the oldest and largest Fourth of July celebrations in Washington State.

Founding And Development Of The Festival

The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival has a rich history that adds to the excitement and charm of this annual Independence Day celebration. Since its inception, the festival has grown tremendously, evolving into a much-anticipated event for local residents and visitors alike.

One notable aspect contributing to the development of the Go Fourth Festival is its dedicated committee. Over time, a team of passionate individuals formed this group committed to organizing and enhancing each year's festivities every July 4th in Longview, Washington.

Their collaboration and determination have led this once-small gathering at Lake Sacajawea into becoming a full-scale family-oriented festival, attracting thousands from across Southwest Washington.

The Festival's Mission And Significance

The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival is more than just an annual Independence Day celebration in Longview, Washington - it's a symbol of community pride and togetherness.

Thanks to its rich history and growing popularity, the Go Fourth Festival has become one of the most anticipated events in Cowlitz County. As it continues to expand each year with new activities like the American Lumberman's Association Timbersport Competition or the fun-packed Cardboard Boat Regatta on Lake Sacajawea, this remarkable celebration ensures everyone can find something they enjoy.

Schedule Of Events

The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival boasts a jam-packed schedule of events catered to the local community's entertainment and enjoyment. Kicking off the celebration, the beloved Go Fourth Festival Parade starts at 10:00 AM on July 4th, with assembly and line-up beginning at 8:15 AM.

In addition to this spirited march down memory lane, other notable happenings throughout the festival include live music performances by talented artists from various genres – providing a soundtrack for all ages during the day.

Once dusk sets in, your eyes will be treated to an awe-inspiring fireworks display over Lake Sacajawea – truly marking Independence Day with a bang. But that's just scratching the surface! The festival also hosts engaging activities such as food booths showcasing delicious culinary creations from local vendors and artisans; thrilling Funtastic fair rides guaranteed to bring out adventurous spirits; captivating arts & crafts exhibits; Family Oriented Timbersport competitions organized by American Lumberman’s Association; Cardboard Boat Regatta races in Longview WA that are sure to make waves among attendees - not forgetting about rewarding creative souls through their annual Button Contest offering attractive prizes for winners.

Highlights Of The Festival

The festival offers a diverse lineup of events including the main attraction, fireworks, parades, contests, concerts, BBQs and picnics, carnival rides and games, food, and artisan vendors.

Fireworks: The Main Attraction

One of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated parts of the Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival is undoubtedly the fireworks display. Every year, thousands of spectators gather at Lake Sacajawea to witness the sky light up with a stunning array of colors and patterns.

The sheer size and scale of these pyrotechnics are truly breathtaking, making for an unforgettable experience for all those in attendance. Additionally, some years when weather conditions aren't ideal or there are concerns about safety, a laser show has been put on in place of traditional fireworks.

Parades, Contests, And Concerts

The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival is home to a variety of activities, including parades, contests, and concerts that will keep you entertained throughout Independence Day.

The parade features colorful floats, festive music, and lots of patriotic displays in red, white, and blue.

For those looking to participate in friendly competitions, the festival has several events such as American Lumbermen's Association Timbersport Competition and Cardboard Boat Regatta where families can join together for some fun-filled moments.

Additionally, there are live concerts featuring local bands providing lively entertainment all day long.

BBQs And Picnics

During the Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival, BBQs and picnics are a popular part of the celebration. Picnic grounds are available for attendees to set up their own food spreads, making it easy for families to enjoy a meal together while taking in all the festival sights and sounds.

And don't worry if you forget your picnic basket - there are also plenty of food vendors on site offering everything from hot dogs and burgers to funnel cakes and kettle corn.

Carnival Rides And Games

The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival is an event filled with fun and excitement. With approximately 12 carnival rides, including a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a fun house, and a merry-go-round, the festival promises to be an incredible family experience.

The Funtastic fair also features games that cater to kids and adults alike — from classic ring tosses to high-tech arcade games.

If you're planning on attending the festival don't miss out on this part of it; there are all sorts of entertaining activities for people of different ages with varying interests!

Food And Artisan Vendors

At Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival, visitors can satisfy their cravings with a variety of delicious food and drink options from vendors. Whether you're in the mood for classic carnival treats like cotton candy and funnel cakes or something more substantial like burgers, hot dogs, or pizza - there's no shortage of tasty options to choose from.

Alongside the food vendors are artisan booths where local artists and craftspeople showcase their unique creations.

You might want to try out some juicy BBQ ribs with tangy sauce paired with ice-cold lemonade.

So get ready for an unforgettable day filled with good eats at Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival.

Tips For Enjoying The Festival

Arrive early to secure good parking spots and avoid crowds. Bring sunscreen and bug spray for protection against the sun and insects. Pack snacks and water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to navigate through festival activities with ease. Learn about parking options and transportation in advance to make traveling more convenient.

Read on for more helpful tips on how you can make the most of this year's Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival!

Arrive Early

If you want to make the most out of your Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival experience, it's highly recommended that you arrive early. This is because there will be thousands of people attending the event and parking can be a bit challenging.

By arriving early, you can park closer to the festival grounds and avoid walking long distances in hot weather.

Arriving early also gives you more time to explore all that the festival has to offer. You can start by checking out some exciting events like The American Lumberman's Association Timbersport Competition or joining in on the Cardboard Boat Regatta Longview WA race.

Additionally, getting there before the crowds arrive means shorter lines at food booths and vendors allowing for easier access around Funtastic carnival rides and games or going through various art crafts exhibits offered at Go Fourth Festival.

Bring Sunscreen And Bug Spray

Make sure to pack sunscreen and bug spray when attending the Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival. With festivities taking place outdoors around Lake Sacajawea, it is important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and pesky bugs.

Bug spray will also come in handy for enjoying fun activities without being bothered by mosquitoes or other insects. While there will be plenty of food options available, packing drinks and snacks can save you money and help keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Pack Snacks And Water

Staying hydrated and fueled up is crucial when attending the Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival. With so many exciting events and activities, it's easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to drink enough water or eat a snack.

To avoid any discomfort, make sure to pack plenty of water bottles and snacks that will keep you energized throughout the day. Granola bars, fresh fruit, and trail mix are excellent options for quick bites on the go.

Wear Comfortable Clothing And Shoes

To fully enjoy the festival, it's important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival takes place at Lake Sacajawea, which means there will be a lot of walking involved.

When getting dressed for the festival, choose footwear that can handle uneven terrain as well as crowds. Sneakers or closed-toe sandals are great options.

By wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, you'll be able to fully experience all of the exciting activities at Go Fourth Festival without worrying about blisters or discomfort on your feet!

Parking Options And Transportation

Getting to the Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival is easy, but parking can be a bit tricky. There are several free parking areas within walking distance of Lake Sacajawea where the festival takes place, but they tend to fill up quickly.

It's essential to arrive early if you want to snag a spot close by.

However, taking public transportation may be your best bet. The local transit authority offers special bus service during the festival, making stops along key routes throughout Longview and Kelso.

This year's schedule has yet to be released, so check ahead for details on pick-up locations and times.

Following Festival Rules And Regulations

It is important for everyone attending the Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival to follow all festival rules and regulations. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Visitors are reminded that the illegal use or possession of fireworks is subject to penalties in accordance with local regulations.

To make sure you have a great time at the festival while following the guidelines set by organizers, remember to abide by posted signs, obey any requests from festival staff or volunteers, and avoid bringing alcoholic beverages onto event grounds.

Conclusion: Celebrating America's Independence With Fun And Fireworks At Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival.

Don't miss out on the excitement and festivities at this year's Cowlitz County Go Fourth Festival! Celebrate America's independence with an array of fun events, food vendors, and live performances.

Make sure to arrive early, wear comfortable clothing and sunscreen, and follow festival rules.

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