Did You Just Close on Your New Home? Don’t Forget the Locks!

Posted by Matthew Lahti on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 11:53pm

With All the Excitement of a New Home Sometimes People Forget One of the Most Important Things to Do, Change The Locks!

Are you moving into a new home? Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting periods of your life but there are a few things that you will need to remember. Just one of these things is security. How many new home owners actually think about changing the locks in their new house? The answer to this question is very few. You may not have thought about all the reasons as to why you should change the locks but there are more reasons than you may think.

You may think that you have the only key for your home but how can you really be so sure? You trust the word of the sellers when they say they gave all keys to the Real Estate company they used to sell the home but you can never be certain of this. Of course, the chances of the previous owners actually coming back to the house in the middle of the night to burgle you are very slight. The thing is it can happen and that is what you need to focus on the most.

How many times did you give a key to a neighbor to water the plants while you were on vacation? How about the babysitting kids that you employed when you and your partner wanted a night away? Perhaps the house sitter had a key to feed the pets while you were working out of town? Out of all the keys that you gave out to these people and more, how many of them can you be one hundred percent certain that you received back? All it takes is for one of those people to see a “Sold” sign on your front lawn, realize that the old owners no longer live in the home and then take their chances when it looks like you are out of the property.

So what can you do to minimize the stress and hassle now that you have realized that you might not be the only people in the world with a key to your new home? There is one very simple answer – change the locks! This might seem like a lot of hard work on top of everything else that you have to concern yourself with right now but let’s be honest – it is a minimal cost and minimal inconvenience for something that could give you the most peace of mind. Once those locks have been changed only you and the people that you wish to give the keys to actually have the keys! You no longer have to worry about all of those people that could possibly have a way into your home. This in turn means that you can then proceed to unpack and place the belongings that you have in your new home without worrying about them disappearing in the future.

As a last minute thought for those of you that are lucky enough to be moving into a new home, as well as changing the locks of the property you may also want to consider having a “no-key” lock added. This is perfect for those that are expecting handymen or other contractors in the house and although the expense may be higher at first, in the long run you save money by not having to change the locks every time you lose a key! There is a key option available with these locks but there is also a number pad on which you can enter a code to unlock the door. This code can be changed when necessary and allows people to have one off access into your home without the need for a key.

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