Increase the Curb Appeal of your Home

Posted by Matthew Lahti on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 10:39pm

Increase Your Curb Appeal, First Impressions are Very Important.

When you want to sell your house, you want to create a good impression of the property right from the start. The first impression anyone will get of your home is the view from the curb. As the prospective buyer walks along the sidewalk of your house, you have the chance to make a good impression of the property.

Tip 1 – Clear Out the Rubbish

The first step in increasing the appeal of your house from the curb is to remove all signs of rubbish or junk. Take out any items stored underneath your house or on the side of the property. Do not keep any item in the yard area, including children’s toys, or gardening tools. If you have no other place to store this equipment, hire a storage unit for a short time while you sell your property.

Walk down the sidewalk in both directions and look at your property. Take away anything that distracts the eye from the prettiness of your house. Cross the street and look at the property from across the way. This is how prospective buyers will see your property.

Tip 2 – Plant an Established Garden

If you do not have a garden, you can plant an established garden by buying larger plants from your nursery. You could employ a landscape gardener if you want to. A well established, easy to maintain garden area can add thousands to the sale price of your property and will certainly make your house more attractive from the curb.

Ensure you weed the garden and maintain the lawn area, so the garden and yard always looks attractive while you trying to sell your property. Remember that once you advertise the property for sale, prospective buyers could drive past at any time to gain a first impression of the house, even if they do not come inside on the first visit.

Tip 3 – Clean the Façade

If you have an older house, the façade will have collected cobwebs, dust, and weather marks over the years. Use a high-pressure hose and clean the front of your house. In fact, you should clean the entire façade thoroughly. If you have a fence, use the high-pressure hose on the fence too, as this will clean the dust and weather marks off the fence.

Ensuring the façade is clean will help your house to look newer and prospective buyers will be inclined to believe that maintenance costs are low. While you are cleaning the façade, clean out the gutters and repair any items, such as gutters or pipes that are bent or in need of maintenance.

Tip 4 – Clean the Windows and the Door

Before you put your property on the market, you should clean all the windows, inside and out. This will remove any dirt and will make each room appear brighter. Don’t forget to clean the skylight too. The curb appeal of the property will increase by having bright and shiny windows. Look at your curtains, blinds, and shutters and ensure these items look good from the front of the house. You may want to consider older curtains with cheap new ones. It won’t matter if the curtains do not last long, as you only want to create a good impression while you sell your house.

Clean the door and entranceway thoroughly. You may like to consider putting fresh potted plants in the entranceway or hanging pots with bright flowers to create an inviting entranceway into the house.

Tip 5 – Park on the Street

Unless you can park your car in a lock-up garage or in a carport, you should park your car on the street while you try to sell your home. This may be slightly inconvenient, but it will increase the curb appeal of your property, by making the property look larger from the street. Cars are large items and will make the driveway and yard look smaller. An empty driveway looks larger than one with two cars in it.

Your property is one of the biggest investments you will make. When it comes time to sell your house, you want to create the best impression you can to recoup the most profit for your investment. Spending time increasing the curb appeal of your property can increase the price the prospective buyers will pay for the house and can encourage more prospective buyers to seriously consider purchasing your property over another one.

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