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The day has finally come and now the panic is really setting in, it's time to move. Moving can be more overwhelming than selling or buying your new home. Let us help with some useful articles that will provide you with the tips, tricks and solutions to make your move as easy as possible.

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Real Estate Contract

It’s not always about the money (except when it is).

The day will come — and it will be a wonderful, joyous, do-a-happy-dance day — when you receive an offer, or multiple offers, for your home.

And on that day, you’re going to face a question you may not have previously considered: How do you know if an offer is the best one for you?

Your listing agent will be a big help here. They will understand and help you suss out the merits and faults of an offer because — believe it or not — it’s not always about price.

One buyer’s beautifully high offer might not look so good anymore, for example, if you discover that it’s contingent upon you moving out a month earlier than planned. Or, conversely, you may prefer speed over

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With All the Excitement of a New Home Sometimes People Forget One of the Most Important Things to Do, Change The Locks!

Are you moving into a new home? Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting periods of your life but there are a few things that you will need to remember. Just one of these things is security. How many new home owners actually think about changing the locks in their new house? The answer to this question is very few. You may not have thought about all the reasons as to why you should change the locks but there are more reasons than you may think.

You may think that you have the only key for your home but how can you really be so sure? You trust the word of the sellers when they say they gave all keys to the Real Estate

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Planning The Move Can Be Stressful Enough.  Don't Forget About Your Furry Friends, it Can Be Just as Stressful For Them.

The process of moving to a new home can be incredibly stressful for all involved. Your pets may not seem affected by all of your packing and preparation work but they can become easily stressed once they are thrust into a brand new environment. There are several things you should do before you move to prepare your cat or dog for the trip to your new home.

Moving with Cats

Cats are typically more difficult to move into a new home than any other animal. Cats tend to become very attached to their homes and surroundings and dislike change. Moving your cat without any thought to his feelings can cause drastic changes in behavior,

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