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Thinking about selling your home or property?  We know real estate and we're here to help. Many factors come into play when you do decide to sell including the list price, bes time to list, showings, the closing process, staging your home, marketing and selecting a real estate broker.  In addition to this real estate blog our experienced real estate brokers are here to help.  Not sure what your home or property is worth? Fill out our online form or call one of our real estate brokers today for a free market analysis.

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Real Estate Contract

It’s not always about the money (except when it is).

The day will come — and it will be a wonderful, joyous, do-a-happy-dance day — when you receive an offer, or multiple offers, for your home.

And on that day, you’re going to face a question you may not have previously considered: How do you know if an offer is the best one for you?

Your listing agent will be a big help here. They will understand and help you suss out the merits and faults of an offer because — believe it or not — it’s not always about price.

One buyer’s beautifully high offer might not look so good anymore, for example, if you discover that it’s contingent upon you moving out a month earlier than planned. Or, conversely, you may prefer speed over

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Now that you've reached a decision to sell your home or property it's time to set a price - one of the most important decisions you'll make during the selling process.  Overpricing your home will reduce showings and increase the marketing time, eventually buyers will think something might be wrong with your home if the marketing time increases to a level above other homes in the area.  Underpricing your home can send a message to a potential buyer that you need to sell quickly for financial or personal reasons in turn resulting in even lower offers.

Effectively pricing your home for the current market, mortgage programs available and staying competitive with other listings in the immediate area is what our brokers do best.  Our REALTORS will sit down

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Juggling home selling and home buying will pull your concentration in two different directions. It's easy to make mistakes, stress out and lose track of important pieces of information. Reduce stress by choosing what you would like to concentrate on first. If you choose to sell a home, you're more likely to have nowhere to stay during the duration of finding a new place to stay. If you choose to buy a home, you're more likely to end up paying two mortgages.

BUYING your home

Choosing to find a new home first will ensure that you will have somewhere to stay before you sell the home. Use the money from selling your home as a way to recoup the money used to purchase a new one. However, you will have to find a way to fund the new home. Work with your

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A chapter in your life is done, and you are ready to move out of your current house. Whether you're just ready to upgrade locally, or moving out of town, this next step can be stressful.  On the one hand, selling your home might be the simplest option, but maybe renting it out has its advantages too.

Selling Your Home

If you're not upside down in your mortgage, many people decide that selling is a final step that works best for them. A realtor can come in and evaluate your property to let you know what a fair price is in today's market. You can sign the papers, move on to whatever is next, and never look back. Unfortunately, sometimes a house takes awhile to sell, or it might not sell for what you would like. If you're feeling uncertain about

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Homeowners need to use every inch of their resources to market their home.   Continue to have that 'for sale' sign in your yard and place ads in newspapers and real estate websites, but broaden your reach with one more marketing element:  your connections.  You know some people, and those people know other people who may be in the search for a home.  Reach out to your network in two ways:  social networks and word of mouth.

Use social networks to broaden your reach.  Mention it once a week at the minimum; promoting your home in every post will turn buyers and your connections off.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are great for promoting your ad with a link to photos in the same post.  Pinterest and Instagram are great for uploading photos of

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The housing market has changed.  First time home sellers cannot use the same resources their parents did years ago.  The newspaper has some staying power, but the internet is a gold mine for REAL ESTATE.  Mix that with mobile devices and stiff competition and suddenly you'll realize the home market changed the rules.  Sellers are willing to sweeten the pot by adding extra incentives and taking more time to stage the home.  Buyers have the right to get a home inspection and a seller disclosure form.  It's no longer about making a profit, and after reading this, you'll see why.

The largest number of people looking at the home comes within the first three weeks, and the MLS listings and online viewings are the reason.  Take this opportunity to price the

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Selling your home in a tough economy is never easy. While getting buyers in the door is difficult enough, getting them to really see the house’s potential can be even harder. It’s important for buyers to be able to see themselves living in the home and to recognize the potential in every nook and cranny. In order to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, you may want to think about small improvements you can make that will make a big difference. Even if you’re living in your home while you sell it, you can take advantage of these simple tips to help potential buyers see your home the way you see it.


While cleaning your home before showing it seems pretty obvious, it’s even more important for sellers living in their homes to keep on

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Most people do not buy or sell their homes very often.  When it comes to managing a real estate transaction, there are a lot of specifics that a good REALTOR can assist with.  A great REALTOR can make the experience of buying or selling a home go much smoother.   When its time for you to find a real estate agent to sell your home, we recommend that you talk to a few candidates, and find a person that you can work with and that you have confidence in.  Here are a few things to ask a REALTOR before signing the contract.

Are you a full-time REALTOR?  How long have you been a REALTOR? – There are many capable part-time REALTORS that are new at the job, but as with any profession, the longer someone has been doing a job, the better they get.  If you find a

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Multiple listing services, also known as MLS systems, is the database system real estate agents use to market homes, apartments, land or other types of property.

Multiple listing services, also known as MLS systems, are the database systems real estate agents use to market homes, apartments, land or other types of property. Without MLS systems, home shopping would not be possible due to the sheer volume of homes in the marketplace. Houses that show up on the Internet are due to MLS systems.

Let’s explore these systems, first from how homes enter the MLS. Houses, condos and apartments enter the MLS through a licensed real estate agent. Once the home owner signs a contract with a real estate agent, the agent inputs the home into the MLS. The home is

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Prior to 1978 most house paint contained lead. The practice was stopped but unless the paint was removed, it still exists in homes.

Prior to 1978 most house paint contained lead. The practice was stopped but unless the paint was removed, it still exists in homes. Because of this, the government passed the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 that requires sellers and landlords to disclose any known presence of lead-based paint.  Landlords must also provide the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pamphlet on the dangers of lead exposure to buyers and tenants.

The potential effects of lead poisoning are particularly devastating to children. The complications include brain and nervous system damage, behavior and learning

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