Tap Into Your Network For Home Selling

Posted by Matthew Lahti on Thursday, July 18th, 2013 at 8:26pm

Homeowners need to use every inch of their resources to market their home.   Continue to have that 'for sale' sign in your yard and place ads in newspapers and real estate websites, but broaden your reach with one more marketing element:  your connections.  You know some people, and those people know other people who may be in the search for a home.  Reach out to your network in two ways:  social networks and word of mouth.

Use social networks to broaden your reach.  Mention it once a week at the minimum; promoting your home in every post will turn buyers and your connections off.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are great for promoting your ad with a link to photos in the same post.  Pinterest and Instagram are great for uploading photos of your home for everyone to see.  Everyone in your network will be informed in minutes, and they are free to share your post or link to others.  When your network is sharing information, they are doing the advertising for you.  If you have a website or blog, talk about your SELLING your home there.  Use YouTube or Vimeo to upload a video tour of your home.  It makes buyers feel like they're walking through your home without being there.  Embed that to your social networks, your website and blog.  An alternative to filming and upl oading is to use a website to create a virtual tour--for free.  You can also create a website dedicated to your home.  Link that website to your blog, website and every social network you're on.

Word of mouth is a classic way to inform people about your home.  Just by telling your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about the home you reach a different set of people.  Don't stop there.  Talk to club members, your church and organizations you belong to.  There's someone who is in the market for a new home; all you have to do is inform that person or a third-party (so they can tell him or her).  There’s a trust and understanding there that isn't there with internet or newspaper buyers because of you or that third-party connection.  Sellers are missing a great opportunity to do this because it's an amazing resource that still works today.

Harness your inner salesman and tell everyone you know—in person and online—about your home for sale.  Tap into those powerful resources and see what comes out of it.  Contact us  for more information on getting your home sold in Washington State.

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