Why Use a Real Estate BrokerWhy use a Real Estate Broker?

The real question whether to use a Real Estate Broker should be...why not?  When you decide to buy or sell a home you need a professional that understand the latest rules, regulations, and who's sole fiduciary duty is to you, our client.  When you buy a home through Pacific Northwest Realty Group we never charge you, the buyer, a brokerage fee so there's no reason not to have a licensed professional working hard to ensure a smooth and successful closing.


Experienced and EducatedExperienced and Educated

Rules and regulations governing buying and selling real estate change frequently and in order to ensure that you're in compliance, you need to hire a professional.  Real Estate Brokers not only get notified of these changes frequently they're also required to take continuing education courses in order to renew their license with the state.  Why risk what's likely the biggest transaction you'll do in your life without a professional that's working for your best interest.


Real Estate Brokers are ScreenersReal Estate Brokers are Screeners

Real Estate Brokers work with qualified buyers that have been pre-qualified to purchase a home.  Showing a home to an unqualified buyer is a waste of time for every party involved.  In addition, Real Estate Brokers have an established relationship with their clients providing you with a level of security knowing that you're opening your home to only serious buyers.


Pricing Your HomePricing Your Home

When you decide to sell often times there's a level of emotion involved in the process which can affect your ability to set a fair market value for your home.  Your ultimate goal is to sell your home quickly, for top dollar, and to a qualified ready, willing, and able buyer - overpricing your home will only increase your frustration during the process and ultimately require numerous price reductions in order to spark the interest you should have seen initially.  When you work with a Real Estate Broker to sell your home you're getting an unbiased, professional, and educated view of the local market along with the fair market value of your home.


Market ConditionsMarket Conditions

A local market can change several times in a very short period of time and knowing the direction of the market might impact your decision to buy or sell at any given time.  Local Real Estate Brokers are in the market every day, part of their job is to understand the current market conditions so their clients can make an informed decision.  Make sure you're an informed buyer or seller and let a professional guide you through the process.



Real Estate Brokers network, that's part of the job.  By networking with other professionals within the industry they're able to provide you with an additional layer of information including interest rate trends and reputable professional contractors in the event they're needed.  While a Real Estate Broker is usually hesitant to provide a single referral due to liability issues they are willing to provide a list of options for you to select from.


Negotiation Skills & ConfidentialityNegotiation Skills & Confidentiality 

Real Estate Brokers are trained and experienced negotiators, their ultimate goal is to secure terms in a contract that are favorable for you, their client while maintaining confidentiality.  You need a professional that knows the process, forms, and procedures that will not only protect you in the process but will either finalize the sale or prevent a deal from falling apart.


Neighborhood InformationNeighborhood Information

Real Estate Brokers are familiar with all the neighborhoods in their market area and can point you in the right direction in order to obtain the latest data on schools and crime.  In addition, they can provide you with the neighborhood statistics that will help you make an informed offer or help you price your home so it's competitive with surrounding properties.  Overpricing or over offering is something all buyers and sellers want to avoid, let a local professional help you make an informed decision. 


Paperwork and more PaperworkPaperwork and more Paperwork

The amount of paperwork required in order to close a real estate transaction has grown substantially in recent years and there's no reason to think it will shrink, in fact as new rules and regulations are added the amount of paperwork will likely increase.  Although some see all the paperwork unnecessary it's there for one reason, to protect you.  Real Estate Brokers have access to all the latest state purchase agreements and addendums needed and required in order to successfully close a real estate transaction.  Don't cut corners...protect you and your investment while limiting your legal exposure by using the latest state-approved real estate forms.


Closing ProcessClosing Process

There's a lot more to the closing process than signing an agreement and showing up to the closing table.  Once an agreement is signed there are several timelines that have to be met in order to maintain a ratified contract.  In addition, regular updates on the buyer's loan process is a crucial part of the process along with inspections, title review, appraisal, whether any special assessments are pending on the property, renegotiations in the event any inspections items become known just to name a few.  There's usually a lot of excitement during the closing process on both sides, don't let that excitement overtake rational thinking that will not only prevent issues but limit your legal exposure.


We Work off ReferralsWe Work off Referrals

The biggest compliment you can give a Real Estate Broker is a referral.  Not only are you saying that the experience you had was exceptional but you trust us to help your friends and family achieve homeownership.  A steady referral base can make or break a Real Estate Broker so there's a strong incentive to work hard on your behalf to ensure a smooth and successful closing.  When you work with a Real Estate Broker you should know that their sole fiduciary duty is to you, their client.